100 % Selfmade

This is not just a saying, but a promise.

With us, the music is recorded independently in the in-house studio, edited and mixed. The music videos are also produced in-house.

Where others stop at this point and leave the rest to others, we go one step further: we produce our CDs ourselves - in painstaking manual work.


To save the environment, a large part of the parts for the finished CDs consists of second-hand goods, which must pass a strict test for reusability. In the case of casings, for example, this means that 1. It can hardly have any scratches. 2. Is not otherwise damaged and 3. Impeccably open and close.

Each CD is also individually checked for playability after completion, to ensure 100% that it also runs perfectly.

We also coordinate the marketing (at least in Europe). For other countries (for example USA) and the digital distribution CDBaby supports us actively.