Dezember 2011

Founded by DJ Kaito & DJ Sheldon as a Musicproject

February  2012

A.G. (known today as DJ Amph3x) will be announced to the two and joins the project in the summer.The first release under the Vier Sterne Delxue name takes place in the form of the trash tape "DJ Kaito No.1".

July        2012

The first release in the name of the music project, in the form of the "Und dein Herz schlägt schneller EP"

August  2012

DJ Moesql joins

October 2012

With the title "6 October (Tag der Nation)", DJ Kaito created the successful song in the history of Vier Sterne Delxue, currently with more than 10,000 views on YouTube and more than 2,000 mostly free downloads.

Spring 2013

First work on the album "Owns" has begun.

August  2013

The Album "Und dein Herz schlägt schneller" was released.

Summer 2014

DJ Moesqul leaves Vier Sterne Deluxe, Si-To MC joins.

Oktober 2014

The EP "Unbequem Fernsehen" was released.

February 2015

Si-To MC released his first Album "Anders ist besser"

June     2015

DJ Sheldon leaves the project. Work on the planned album "DJ Sheldon No.1" will be discontinued.

November 2015

Owns was released

March 2016

DJ Moesqul returns for a short time and releases his "Moesqul EP"

May - June 2016

DJ Kaito goes on his first tour. The "Vigilance Tour 2016" was a great success.

October 2016

DJ Kaito releases his DISS EP on the INICAT platform, which is on top of the charts there.In December this was also published on ITunes and other platforms.

January - June 2017

In January, a remastered version of 2015 released album Last Step was released.DJ Kaito is on his second tour. The "Stop Ramstein Tour" took place in 8 cities.

July 2017

#LightningQuader has been announced and is available for pre-order. The first single "Unbequem Fernsehen" is offered.

OcTOBER 2017

Das Album erscheint und wird zum bisher besten verkauften Album in der Geschichte von Vier Sterne Delxue.

november 2017

Sintakk, Boozer und Tybalt joint

JAnuary 2018

The first shops offer CDs. During the year, more and more were added.


DJ Kaito

Solo musician and head behind Vier Sterne Deluxe.

He was born on 02.08.1997, produces videos on YouTube in 2011 and brings out 2012 albums. He also moderates formats such as the "Alte Spiele Podcast" or "Die Redlichen".

Furthermore, the YouTube Wiki operates.


Si-To MC

Responsible for the beats & the one or the other remix. He is very reserved about the appearance in public. In 2015 he released his first album "Anders ist besser!"

Dj Amph3x

Heißt eigentlich Alexander und war unter den Namen "Captain Germany" und "A.G." Früher betrieb er die Kanäle captain germany  & teamer captainer, in denen er, mit einem Freund Lets Plays hochlud. Heute ist er DJ beim Online Radio Hardbase.FM


DJ Sheldon (2011-2015)

Was responsible for checking if songs / videos are okay. Nothing was published without his consent.He also took care of tags, kept statistics in mind ec.In July 2015 he left VSD.


DJ Moesql (2012-2014, 2016)

Was a permanent part of the project from 2012 to 2014. Is now and than involved in some tracks